Month: July 2016

Wherever He Leads….

This past week my husband had a couple of days off and one of the days we decided to go walking on a new trail in the mountains that we found a couple of months ago. It was a hot day and of course we happened to pick the hottest time of day to go. Oops! But thankfully there was a breeze and a little shade as we went along so it wasn’t unbearable. We enjoyed walking and talking and exploring. At one point we even found a little river and a shady place to sit and have a devotion together. It was a wonderful day!
After we finished our hike up the mountain it was time to go back down. I thought this would be so much easier than the steep hike up but as we started our descent I quickly realized that it wasn’t so easy as the trail was full of sand and rocks. Sometimes I felt myself slipping as I walked and could just imagine falling hard on my backside and ending the day in a not so lovely way. My husband and I had been walking side by side and talking but when I started having trouble keeping my balance he offered to walk a little in front of me and then later told me to give him my hand so he would make sure I wouldn’t fall. It was then that it hit me. This walk was a wonderful example and picture of our relationship with God. As we walk through life He loves for us to walk beside Him, talking and sharing our joys and our struggles. But when we start to go through a difficult time and are on a hard path He leads us and guides us so lovingly and even takes our hand to make sure we don’t fall and if we fall He is always there to pick us up and help us to keep going. I was so happy and thankful for this visual aid that helped to remind me of God’s loving care for us. Sometimes I need to see these lessons in a way that I can picture forever.

Thank you, Lord, that You are always near me and there to guide me as I walk through this life. I pray that you will keep me in your care and that I will always keep my hand in yours!