He hears me

Do you ever stop and think about the ways the Lord shows you His hand each and every day? Sometimes it’s in the big things and sometimes it’s so small you might miss it.

Yesterday evening, I realized that I had let a medication run out that I needed right away. My precious, patient husband and I went to both of the pharmacies near us and neither one of them had what I needed. In fact, one of them told us it wasn’t available in Lebanon anymore. What?! I was already frustrated at myself for waiting until the last minute and it was getting late in the evening and my poor husband had a long day already. However, he was so sweet to keep driving to find the medication for me. As we were driving I was complaining that we would have to drive 25 minutes or so to a bigger pharmacy. We stopped at three different ones and no luck. At the fourth pharmacy we stopped, thinking they probably wouldn’t have it. My sweet husband went in and came out with the medication!! As he got in the car he said, “It was already on the counter as if waiting for us”.
I smiled and thought, I know Who was waiting for us.

It seems like something so small, but in that moment I felt the Lord whispering, “Why do you fret, my child?  I am here and I am capable. You matter to me, your needs matter to me. Rest in me.”

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